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Group Therapy Programs 

Addiction Recovery Mens Group 

Substance Abuse, Gaming , Pornography, Gambling, Social Media - Any Addiction 



10 Principles of Recovery - Men's Group 

Our Addiction Groups provide a unique approach to recovery.  Following a proven research based approach based on positive psychological principles, participants will enjoy a casual yet directed educational and conversational application to the 10 Principles of Recovery. 


Participants will experience a deep understanding of what it takes to change, a greater understanding of themselves, and how to use positive principles in the change process in order to overcome their addictions and have a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

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Matthew (Matt)  Roughen, LMFT

Matt will lead a group of 10 participants through an extensive The 10 Principles of Recovery program.


Under Matt's experiences and leadership and his skillful facilitation he will help provide education and help them find personal solutions.  

Group 1 
Substance Abuse and Other 

 6:30Pm- 8PM  


David Dodini, CMHi

David will leads a group of 8-10 participants through the 10 Principles of Recovery program focused on Pornography Addiction.   This is a great opportunity to help men reduce and end their addiction. 

David has a unique style and understanding of those struggling with Pornography. 

His approach will foster hope and lead indidvuals to discover how they can individually overcome this addiction.  

Group 2

Tuesday Evenings 6:30Pm- 8PM  

 1 Hour - In-person or virtual (Zoom)

Cost - Participation covered by Most Insurances -

Per session cash price $30.00 per session 


Reservation Required - Call or Register below
Start Date February 2024

(Workbook Purchase Required $30.00)


Program outline of the 10 Modules, delivered in an 

educational style and open discussion. 

Program Features 

Module 1  
Happiness, Values & the Brain

  • What is Happiness 

  • The Levels of Happiness 

  • The Characteristics of Happy People

  • The Brain & Addiction

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Labeling & Stigma

Module 2

  • Types of Emotions

  • The Purpose of Emotion

  • Emotion Numbing

  • How to Treat Emotional Numbing

Module 3
The Process of Change


  • The Brain & Change

  • Change

  • Stages of Change

  • Process of Change

  • Lapses and Relapses

Module 4
Positive Psychology & Addiction

  • Gratitude

  • Optimism & Hope

  • Mindfullness & Meditation

  • Savering 

  • Flow

  • Mindset

  • Resilience 

Module 5

  • What is Self Esteem

  • How You Aquire Self Esteem

  • The practice of Living Consciously

  • The Practice of Self Accpetance

  • The practice of Self-Responsibility

  • The Practice of Self- Assertiveness

  • The Practice of Living Purposefully

  • The Practice of Living with Integrity 

Module 6
Self Compassion, Confidence, & Spirituality

  • Confidence Vs Self-Doubt

  • Myths about Confidence

  • Doubt

  • The Model of Self-Love

  • Addiction & Spirituality

Module 7
Barriers to Change

  • Trauma & Abuse 

  • Toxic Relationships

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Forgiveness

  • Self-Defeating Behavior 

  • Forgiveness

  • Self-Defeating Behavior

  • Mental Health Disorders

Module 8
Addictive Thinking 

  • Self-Deception

  • Denial

  • Rationalization

  • Projection 

  • Self-Victimization 

  • Manipulating Others

  • Cognitive Distortions (Twisted Thinking)

  • Negative Self-Talk

Module 9 
Relationships & Communication

  • Relationships
  • Attachment

  • Connection, Loneliness, & Addiction

  • Boundaries

  • Codependency

  • Empathy

  • Coping with Difficult People

  • Altruism - Serving Others 

Module 10
Living with

  • Setting and Achieving Goals

  • Stress Management 

  • The Importance of sleep 

  • The Importance of Exercise

  • The Importance of Nutrition

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