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Depression / Anxiety

Treatment focused on the disruptive symptoms of depression and anxiety while fostering areas of strength and building adaptive coping skills.

Crisis Therapy

Integrated Ketamine  Assisted Psychotherapy (IKAP) treats  trauma, depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation safely with our trained therapist and doctors supervision.


Conditions we treat.

Trauma / Abuse

Treatment focused on exploring and processing the significant effects of trauma and stress, healing and recovering confidence, worth, and a sense of trust and safety,

Gender Identity

Affirming treatment focused on exploring and processing thoughts and emotions related to sexual and gender identity across all aspects of life.

Substance Abuse

Addressing concerns of self-medication, relapse, withdrawal and the perilous cycle of addiction while fostering areas of strength and building safe, healthy coping skills.


Treatment and support for  strength building , healthy coping skills.

Psychology Session

We Accept Most Insurances

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