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Julie Gale


"As a solution focused therapist, I believe the answers to healing and clarity are within the individual and every experience has value and purpose. I strive to assist clients to clear out unresourceful thoughts and emotions and bring forward the resourceful thoughts and emotions that support their goals and dreams."


Julie is a fully licensed Clinical Social Worker who completed her graduate degree at Utah State University. She is master certified in neurolinguistic programing, master certified as an Accelerated Resolution Therapy Practitioner, and certified in the teaching family model. She specializes in trauma release and processing, anxiety, depression, thought management, emotional regulation, etc., for individuals. She also assists with behavioral modification and intervention for children and parents.

When Julie is away from the office you can typically find her spending time with her husband and children. She enjoys making new friends, reading, singing, playing guitar, using powertools for DIY home projects, riding her Harley, and working on her skydive certification. 


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