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Joshua Cooke


“The human brain is the most complex organism in the universe. I believe the therapeutic relationship can allow you to access your brain in ways that give you the opportunity to reach your full potential. I will walk with you on your journey, empowering you to create a new vision for yourself, one where you can come to create the life you want by using your mind and body to facilitate meaningful and lasting change.”


Joshua received his Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Southern Oregon University and his Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Utah. In nearly ten years of practice, he has specialized in working with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. He is a trained Integrated Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy practitioner and is passionate about helping clients understand how the neuroplasticity of the brain can help facilitate changes in thought and behavior patterns, mindset, and self-perception. He is also a Certified Trauma Professional and Level II Gottman trained professional for couples. Joshua’s approach to therapy is deeply personal in nature allowing you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in ways that allow you to come to a place of confidence and self-trust.


"When I first met Josh I had just lost my brother due to suicide. He had already been working with my mother and her grief and I could see how helpful he was to her. I live out of state from Josh but at the time I was in town for an extended trip to be with my mother. Josh went above and beyond to make himself available to me as much as possible since he knew our time was limited. After I returned home he continued to make time for me whenever I was in town, sometimes skipping lunch and making last minute appointments to squeeze me in. For this alone and owe him a debt of gratitude.  

Working with Josh has been the most rewarding therapeutic experience I've had to date. His tenderness and compassion made it easy to be open and honest with him and myself. Josh has a wonderful way of asking you the right questions so you can come to realizations on your own. He's kind and gentle with just the right amount of toughness when you need to push yourself.

My experience with Josh is something I hold very close to me. I never felt as comfortable with other counselors as I did with him. At the time I felt extremely vulnerable, which I hated, but he taught me how vulnerability can be used as a strength, something that I thought was impossible. During our sessions I always felt like he truly cared about me and my well being which allowed that vulnerability to exist. He guided me to look deeper inside of myself so I could face some of my oldest demons. Josh helped me feel like I wasn't alone on my journey to rebuild my life after my brother's death. I owe much of my recovery to him."

- Peter

I first came to Josh in search of grief counseling after the loss of my adult son.  After a brief introduction, my first impression was that he was humble and kind. Josh spent hours with me, listening to my thoughts, feelings, fears, worries, life questions and what if’s. But mostly my faults, for I had blamed myself, all while crying and talking at the same time. I’m sure it was a challenge to understand the words coming out of my mouth. I always felt heard and supported unconditionally. Josh had a way of posing questions where I would come to my own conclusions, solve my own problems. I was impressed at this ability. At the end of every session I felt spent but complete, settled, and resolved.


Josh gave me exercises to do in between sessions to keep me actively working on my recovery. He taught me that grief is like love, both require action to be expressed. I feel Josh was very effective in helping my transition into my new reality. I believe Josh is an amazing counselor who cares about me and my struggles. He was the right person for me at the time I needed him most. I will be forever grateful that God brought him into my circle.

- Brenda

In my 23+ years of going to therapy, I saw a lot of different people. I always thought they were the right fit but didn’t know they weren’t until I landed with Josh.  I didn’t realize that what I was looking for in a therapist was someone like him. He makes you feel safe and comfortable when you are talking about the darkest and most terrifying times in your life. He does it without you feeling judged or “crazy”. Josh is different in the way that he doesn’t provide you with all the answers but guides you to them, so you feel empowered to make your own decisions and trust yourself when you do.

- TD


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