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Invisible Condition Alert Program

Invisible Condition Alert Program

Utah’s Invisible Conditions Alert Program, created by the Utah Legislature during the 2023 Legislative Session, is a voluntary program that allows a person with a qualifying physical or mental condition to have a decal placed on a driver's license or ID card.

 Utah's Invisible Condition Alert Program is designed to promptly notify first responders about a person's invisible condition that may directly impact the person's ability to communicate. Early identification of an invisible condition during interactions allows first responders such as law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel to approach situations with heightened awareness and respond appropriately.

Utah Code Section 53-3-207

Qualifying Invisible Conditions

Utah Code 53-3-207: Invisible conditions include: a communication impediment; hearing loss; blindness or visual impairment; autism spectrum disorder; drug allergy; Alzheimer’s disease or dementia; post-traumatic stress disorder; traumatic brain injury; schizophrenia; epilepsy; a developmental disability; Down syndrome; diabetes; a heart condition; or any other condition approved by the department.

How We Can Help

If you choose to participate in this voluntary program and your therapist diagnoses you with a qualifying invisible condition, your therapist will assist you in completing the invisible condition request form and submitting it to the Driver’s License Division by mail, fax, email, or nearest office location.

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