Choosing Happiness No matter The Now

Choosing Happiness No Matter - Connie Sokol with Dr. Trish
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Feeling the bleh, or the What? or the I-can't-do-this-anymore?? We all get to the trenches--emotionally, physically, even spiritually. How do you find it again in the midst of difficult? How do you see it and seek it? Dr. Trish gives excellent can-do tips to simply choose happiness today, so we can model it and share it with our loved ones to find theirs. Enjoy!

How Do Women Define Their Identity and Self-Esteem? Connie Sokol with Dr. Trish
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With so many roles in a woman’s life, how can she better define her identity? Where can she go to figure that out? Dr. Trish helps us understand healthy ways--spiritual and emotional--a woman can know who she is and what she is to do and how it positively affects her family. Discover how to can better understand this crucial piece in a woman's life and better support each other in our particular roles in various life seasons.

Helping Our Children Identify and Choose Happiness

Helping Our Children Identify and Choose HappinessConnie Sokol with Dr. Trish
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Studies are consistently showing that while we prosper as a whole, our children are finding less happiness and peace in their daily lives. It’s as if the ability to be happy has been stunted. We don’t have to accept that. Dr. Trish gives fantastic, easy-to-shift ways of eliminating what doesn’t bring happiness and creating environments (SIMPLY!) to promote happiness. And, helping our children learn how to do this for themselves! Enjoy this practical approach to everyday happiness!

Dealing with Anxiety in Your Family 

Dealing with Anxiety in Your FamilyConnie Sokol with Dr. Trish
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Suicide and anxiety have gone up drastically since social media launched and became a popular way to spend our time. In this two-part series, we are talking about anxiety and how to deal with it within ourselves and in our family. 

We’re sharing crucial life skills that should be taught in school but aren’t anymore. Listen in to get some wisdom, coping skills, and the everyday things that will help you to live happier for yourself and your family.


3 Positive Steps to Successfully Deal with Addiction--For You or a Loved One

BR_100-3_Positive_Steps_to_Successfully.Connie Sokol with Dr. Trish
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Joining  Dr. Trish as we talk about three positive steps you can successfully use when dealing with addiction both in your life and the lives of your loved ones. We are approaching this serious topic with hope and the new abilities we have to do about this epidemic

At the end of this podcast, you will have valuable, solid tips that you can use today and also some additional information that will help you navigate this road that will motivate and help you.