Matthew Roughan


Over the course of his career, Matthew has had robust experience counseling children, adolescents, adults, couples and families struggling with a variety of problems including ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and relationship issues. Matthew completed his M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Capella University; and received a B.S. from Utah Valley University. He is  also certified in ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and is working towards becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®) with the goal of one day receiving his doctorate and becoming a Sports Psychologist. He currently serves as a Level 2 Research Assistant at the Integrated Research Literacy Group (IRLG) and as a research Manager for Utah State University Family Sports Lab. He has presented at both state and National Conferences and successfully collaborated on and published several papers. 


I started meeting with Matt while on my mission. I was severely depressed, anxious and homesick. I was unsure if I could do another 18 months. I met with the mission therapist, who was nice, but it was hard for me to relate to them because of the age difference. I appreciated how relatable Matt was and how he allowed me to decide for myself if I wanted to stay or come home. I also liked how he was able to use church concepts within therapy when it was appropriate, but how he could also leave it out if I needed it. Many missionaries I served with wanted to start meeting with Matt, especially when they saw such a significant change within me. I am thankful for Matt and consider him a major influence on my mission. - Parker 


My wife and I came to Matt when we were at our lowest point. Ultimately, we decided it would be best for us to work on our relationship as opposed to getting divorced. Throughout this process, it never felt like Matt took my or my spouse's side. He remained incredibly neutral but also so supportive and understanding of our circumstances. We always enjoy his witty humor and his brutal honesty, even if it is hard to hear sometimes. We have improved our communication so much and are far happier as a result of this. We have already referred several friends to Matt and will continue to do so. - J & H 


Matt has been a huge help in my life, he’s helped me find solutions to problems and to help break harmful patterns.  He helps you talk it out and sees things that sometimes I don’t see immediately. He’s been a friend and I’ve felt like he really does care about me and how I’m doing in my. He’s improved my life for the better.   He’s a great guy and a great therapist. - Kelton S. 


When I first met with Matt, I was struggling with a faith crisis and with self-esteem issues. I really felt like he cared about how I was doing and the progress I was making. He was a great hype man and helped me feel better about myself even in the small things and small progresses I was making. I can definitely tell a difference in myself from when I first started meeting with him and now. Thanks to Matt, I feel more hopeful about my future and about the kind of person I am. -Andrea V. 


I first signed up to see Matt because I had long been stuck in a deep funk, and I didn’t quite know why, which made it especially worrisome to me. My first appointment with Matt was hugely beneficial because he did a great job helping me relax a bit, and then all the appointments afterwards were positive and productive and became something that I even looked forward to. Matt was able to help me so much because his office was a safe environment, and thanks to that, he could challenge my thought processes and cognitive behavior in a safe yet effective way. This taught me how to challenge irrational thinking patterns on my own, and went a long way towards helping me get out of that scary and seemingly inexplicable funk I had been in. I now have zero worries about living out of the country for the next 8 months, thanks in large part to Matt. -Ralph A.


Every time I come to see Matt, I know that he will help me and guide me. He challenges me to think outside the box and think of different scenarios that could potentially happen in my life. Since I have had therapy with Matt I have implemented a lot of the advice he has given me in my life and I have seen a lot of personal growth in me. As a patient you have to be open minded and you have to be willing to implement what you have learned in therapy. Matt is just amazing at what he does and he really cares about your well being and your success. I will be forever thankful to him!!

-Cinthia G. 


Matthew has made each and every appointment a safe place where I have felt acknowledged and comfortable. He really cares about his clients! He has done a phenomenal job in helping me to gain a clearer mindset of my life and experiences. With his help and counseling, I have been able to discover how to improve and be honest with myself while still loving myself. I have seen such a positive change in so many aspects of my life and my thoughts thanks to these sessions, and I would recommend him to everyone! -Desiree


I was skeptical about going to therapy at first, I felt like I could handle my problems myself and that would be enough. However, it became apparent very quickly how off that track of thought was for me. I have loved being able to just talk and go through all the different thought processes in my head out loud. Matt is a great listener, does not interrupt, or puts words into my mouth. He allows me to express myself fully and is not afraid to push back and ask hard or new questions I have never thought of before. It forces a new introspective into my struggles. 

Matt is also great because he allows for me to correct, clarify, and express further a thought or feeling that maybe he had been off on. There is great dialogue between us and he pushes me to think in different ways than I normally would while still allowing me to express myself in a natural way.

-Amanda W. 


I had a hard time with therapy before I met Matt. My last therapist didn’t really understand me and didn’t give me the advice or help I needed. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone only listen to you, but I needed someone to help me confront my past and really attack the problem, to then find what I needed for a better life. Matt has helped me do this every session. He is straightforward and blunt, which is exactly what I personally needed. I appreciate his balance of kindness and understanding with his candid nature. Because of this every session I become closer to knowing myself and what to work on. I recommend Matt to anyone looking for a therapist who can immediately help you find your path to progress. -Bree 


Matt was able to help me shift my thought process about my struggles. Through his guidance I learned valuable skills that I have been able to implement in my daily life. The improvements I have seen in my mental and emotional health are due to these changes I have made thanks to Matt. Though the sources of my anxiety are not gone, I know how to better handle and react to anxious situations, and can continue to react better throughout my life. -Abby B. 


Matthew Roughan has been my therapist since October of 2021. Since the first appointment I knew he was a good fit for me. He is professional but welcoming and refreshing. He is young but experienced. He is very good at making me feel respected and validated in my concerns and feelings. He has helped me through a lot and is excellent at his profession. I am very lucky to have had him as my therapist for the past 7 months. -Kinsey S. 


Meeting with Matthew has helped me in many ways, but probably the most helpful thing he's done for me is provide a new perspective. He's helped me realize that just because I see myself or my situations in one way doesn't mean that's the way everyone sees it. Matthew is very good at knowing when to give advice, when to relate to you, and when to just listen. He's very easy to talk to and pushes you to improve in just the right amount without being overwhelming or overbearing. - Kevin P.


Therapy with Matthew Roughan was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I chose him out of his coworkers because he looked kind and he definitely lived up to that! At first, I was timid of going to therapy with a man because, as a woman, I was worried I wouldn’t open up as much as I did. He was very welcoming. I love how he approaches bad experiences by focusing on the strength it must’ve taken to get through them. I desperately needed him because I was making a transition from high school to college as well as moving across the country alone. At the end of each session, he’ll wrap it up with a summary of what we talked about. This is super helpful because sometimes my mind runs 100 mph and he has a very grounding influence. He made therapy something to look forward to rather than a problem to fix. He’s the best! -Lilli C. 


I had put off going to therapy for years. When I started looking for a therapist I never thought I would find a good fit. Matthew from the beginning has made the therapy sessions a safe space for me to talk about everything. He is very straightforward and honest, which I have very much appreciated. He is very easy to talk to and I never feel judged for what I say. He also challenges me but still makes sure that I am comfortable with the way the conversation is going. I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone who is looking for a therapist. -A.G. 


I came to therapy because my anxiety and depression had gotten to the point that it was constantly interfering with my life. Matthew has helped me so much. He showed me strategies that I could use to combat my anxiety and depression.  After a few months of working with Matthew, I can honestly say that I’m excited and hopeful about the future—something that I haven’t felt in a long time. -Kate 


I started to see Matthew for my anxiety mostly, but he has helped me heal in so many ways. I am so grateful I see Matthew for mental health services. Matthew has given me tools to help with everyday chaos and I am a better person since beginning my therapy journey. -Julie J. 


I have met with different therapists before, but after my first visit I could tell Matthew was going to be different. Matthew is amazing at helping me feel seen and heard - I feel like he truly gets me. He has helped me deconstruct various aspects of my life which has allowed me to have greater understanding and empathy for myself. He is definitely a huge support and always seems happy to see/meet with me. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone. -Paige C. 

I’ve been visiting with Matt since November 2021, in that time my mental health has progressed immensely. He creates a safe space for his clients to feel like they can express themselves freely without judgement. Matt is honest and doesn’t beat around the bush. Although it can be hard to hear, his honesty has led me to recognize negative thought patterns and has ultimately led me to overcome barriers I’ve been trying to break for years. It has been one of my greatest therapy experiences to date. -Hope B. 

Matt is extremely good at what he does! I always felt comfortable and safe when talking to him. My time with him as my therapist has been great! -Britney H. 

My experience with Matt has been great!  He has helped me through one of the hardest parts of my life and through my day to day living.  He is exactly the kind of person who validates me when I’m doubting myself, but isn’t afraid to be blunt with me when I’m stuck in an unhelpful mode of thinking.  I’ve met with therapists and counselors before, but Matt has by far been the best! -K.H. 


I was very nervous about going to therapy for the first time, but Matt made it very easy to talk to him and open up about what I had been going through. He shows that he clearly cares about what is happening in my life and has given me great advice about how to overcome some of my problems. He is able to easily create a safe space where I feel comfortable opening up about situations that I have been avoiding. I am very grateful for him and I am excited to see what else I can learn from meeting with him. -Danielle M. 


I’ve been seeing Matthew at RBH for 6 months of therapy. He has been helpful and most definitely a patient listener. He is a very compassionate person while helping me navigate through some challenging circumstances. He is very reliable and as a client I appreciate his love for his work. He has given me new language, perspective, and permission for my present situations. I do appreciate his humor & homework through many sessions of counseling. Matthew is a light and I’m happy that he chose this profession to help myself & many others! -Paige 


I haven't had very good experiences with therapists in the past. It felt like they weren't actually listening and were just trying to get me in and out as soon as possible. Matt actually listens. He is genuinely concerned with the things I'm going through and gives me tools to help myself. He's always made me feel very comfortable and safe through each session. I always look forward to going to therapy because I'm seeing someone who not only cares, but helps me in ways that are tailored to my personality and situation. He's honestly the best. -Kaylie M. 



Matt is great! He’s been super helpful and given me lots of good advice. He was able to figure out my personality super fast so my sessions feel more individualized and more productive. It’s been great working with him. -Lindsy S. 


I started seeing Mr. Roughan at a really difficult time in my life. I was at a point where I couldn't see things getting better. Mr. Roughan has provided me with a safe place to work towards improvement. I can meet with him knowing I'm not expected to be perfect, but I'm expected to try. His encouragement to reflect on who I am compared to where I want to be has been monumental in my healing. He never pushes me too far, but he pushes me enough to experience growth. He allows me to guide our discussions but always knows where to step in when I fall short. He has helped me pave my own path back to normalcy and positive mental health. -Kelsi N.


My experience with Matthew as my therapist has been extremely pleasant! He’s very straightforward with issues that need to be resolved/looked over and I always feel safe whenever we’re speaking together.When first starting therapy, I was very bitter at having to open up to some stranger I barely knew. I thought it was a useless waste of money and that I would go to a couple sessions just to say that I’ve tried it. But over the past four months on a biweekly basis, my mindset has changed incredibly. I went from having a toxically positive outlook on life, to having a truly happy one. Small issues that I kept having to push aside because I thought they didn’t matter, would be quickly resolved, and it’s all thanks to him. I haven’t been able to see myself in any positive light for the past six years, but because of these sessions, that’s changed. I am so unbelievably grateful for his help, and highly recommend him to anyone that is thinking of starting therapy -A. Malolo