Matthew Rougan


Matthew Roughan is a second-year master’s student in the Masters of Marriage and Family therapy program at Capella University. He plans on continuing his educational experience by applying to several PhD programs for counseling this fall of 2021. He is also working on becoming accredited with the CMPC in order to practice Sports Psychology. Along with school, Matthew is currently working with people who have mental and physical disabilities, helping them find and keep jobs long term, which has turned out to be an extremely challenging but rewarding process. As an undergrad, Matthew received his degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University. Furthermore, Matthew minored in Spanish and has a great passion for continuing to work with this population of people.

Currently, Matthew is a research assistant at Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Educational and Research Program (KAPER.) He is excited to continue learning and growing along with becoming a more well-rounded and educated person in the process.