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Lynnette Averill


“As a humanist, I believe it is critical to help individuals build and maximize their well-being and create lives they truly enjoy living, by embracing their value and agency, and focusing on areas of strength while identifying areas for growth. Clinically, I integrate principles of positive psychology with evidence-based treatments (especially in trauma-focused therapy), and I am a strong believer in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy when it is appropriate. Working with each client is a sacred experience for me, and I am honored to support each person as they make positive changes.”


Dr. Averill received her PhD from the University of Utah and has continued her training through a Fulbright Fellowship at the Australian Center for Posttraumatic Mental Health, clinical internship at the VA Medical Center in Houston, and a clinical research fellowship at the National Center for PTSD and Yale University School of Medicine. She is nationally certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy, and has additional specialized clinical training in other treatment modalities. She is also an expert in pharmacotherapeutic interventions like ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and has run several large clinical trials for rapid-acting medications such as ketamine for PTSD, depression, and suicidality. Her research interests also include the psychoneurobiology of chronic stress, sleep disruption, and applications of psychedelic science such as MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.


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