Joanna Baker



Joanna received her Masters of Social Work degree from the University of New England, and her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in the field of Marriage, Family, and Human Development. She is in residence for clinical licensure with Riverwoods Behavioral Health, and specializes in working with individuals of all ages, couples, and families. 




Joanna has been a fantastic therapist. Though only seeing her a few times, I have seen that she deeply cares for her patients. I have never felt someone advocate for me as she has. She has lead me to believe that no matter what I have to say, she will hear it without judgement. I look forward to continuing our progress together.  - Shana

Joanna -I am so happy to be writing a recommendation for  Joanna. I sought her out to help me with going through a divorce and trauma and not being able to trust anyone. It says a lot when I feel like I can trust her and that’s the reason I went to see her in the first place! She not only Is willing to share personal experiences, but is highly intelligent and continues to educate herself regarding the latest therapeutic developments. I have seen several therapist throughout my many years… And she is only one of two therapists that I would ever recommend to someone else. I’ve only been seeing her for a few months and I feel that I have already been by helped with my emotional well-being. -Jesse