Corporate Wellness 

 Dr. Trish Henrie-Barrus and her team at Riverwoods Behavioral Health  have developed an extensive educational program focusing on Corporate Wellness. In a series of interactive lectures lasting one to two hours skills and strategies will be taught on how to deal with life's complex problems. These presentations are offered through  Zoom or in-person.  In addition, assessment tools are offered which help the individual explore their own mental health and how it affects their effectiveness in the workplace.  


Stress & Burnout

Workplace stress and burnout are prevalent since COVID. This presentation educates on the difference between stress and burnout and how to overcome them.

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Coping With Difficult People

People can be difficult. This presentation focuses on the types of difficult people and how to deal with them in a healthy manner. Good information for anyone who works with people. 

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Resilience is the ability to bounce back after trauma or challenges. You will learn the different aspects of resilience and how to use this skill in the workplace and life.

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What is Happiness & How To Achieve It. 

Happy people experience pleasure but pleasure is not happiness. This presentation will define the characteristics of happy people and how to nurture them.

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Self-Esteem At Work 

Self-esteem is the way we see ourselves and how we deal with life. In this presentation you will learn the pillars of self-esteem based on Nathaniel Brandon's work. 

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Developing Good Work Habits

Have  you ever slipped into patterns of procrastination or feelings like you just aren't measuring  up? Find out how to change these patterns thought changing the brain.

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Mental Health Optimization Techniques

Mental health issues can stifle our work product. This presentation will educate you on the different types of mental health issues and what to do about them. Positive Psychological principles and coping skills will be taught.

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Mental Health: How It Effects The Brain 

We used to believe that the brain has a certain amount of cells and once they are gone, you're gone. We now know that the brain regenerates neurons in a process called neuroplasiiicity. Learn in this presentation how to harness the brain's power for optimal functioning.

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Overcoming Addictive Thinking 

We all have addicting thinking patterns in various forms. Learn the 10 Principles of Recovery based on positive psychological concepts. Anyone could benefit from this.

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